Reece Reading

Over the past 3 weeks while I read bedtime stories, Reece fiddles with his “quiet toy” in his lap. He examines those toys and occasionally laughs or tries to get Kai to trade toys with him. Sometimes I would wonder if he even realized that I was there reading. Tonight though, was something special. Reece […]

Bedtime Routine

I could totally get on board with Reece’s OCD bedtime routine…if he wouldn’t change it up on me so frequently! Tonight, I just followed him around b/c he was so upset, he could not vocalize what needed to happen in what order: Lotion needed to be put on his finger from the bottle. Not from […]

Gluten Free

It has been shown that there is a strong correlation with Autism and the gut. In many cases, a gluten free diet has lessened many behavioral issues associated with Autism.  As well as a dairy free diet. For more information: Since limiting Reece’s gluten intake 7-9 days ago, Reece’s speech frequency during the day has […]