Reece Reading

Over the past 3 weeks while I read bedtime stories, Reece fiddles with his “quiet toy” in his lap. He examines those toys and occasionally laughs or tries to get Kai to trade toys with him. Sometimes I would wonder if he even realized that I was there reading. Tonight though, was something special. Reece […]

Bedtime Routine

I could totally get on board with Reece’s OCD bedtime routine…if he wouldn’t change it up on me so frequently! Tonight, I just followed him around b/c he was so upset, he could not vocalize what needed to happen in what order: Lotion needed to be put on his finger from the bottle. Not from […]

Gluten Free

It has been shown that there is a strong correlation with Autism and the gut. In many cases, a gluten free diet has lessened many behavioral issues associated with Autism.  As well as a dairy free diet. For more information: Since limiting Reece’s gluten intake 7-9 days ago, Reece’s speech frequency during the day has […]

First Meeting

This morning we went to meet with Reece’s Service coordinator and a Representative with the public school system. This is the beginning of our transition period from the Infant Toddler Program into the school system. Today was the broad meeting to get information about the school system, what services they offer, and the process from […]