I love Melatonin!

It’s just a shame it’s a temporary solution.

We ventured to the Pediatricians Friday morning for the green light to use this supplement to help Reece fall asleep at night. By night 3, there was not a single cry out. Thank God! What a difference a good night of sleep can do. For all of us.

I also fine-tweaked the bedtime routine after consulting with Mr. R from TEACCH and doing some research online.

We start with a warm bath


Lotion, PJs, Water, and Brush teeth is next.

And then they go to the Quiet Spot!


I used the extra crib mattress we had stored under the bunk beds. Kai gets settled in the bottom bunk where he sleeps and Reece must stay on the Quiet Spot. No more leaving the room once they are there.  We unscrewed 3 of the bulbs on the ceiling fan so the light is dim. To help “bribe” them to stay on their spots and relax, they each get to pick ONE Quiet Toy out of the basket to hold:


My favorite are the Calming Jars! I found a How-To on Pinterest. The rest of the items I got at a Dollar store. I’ll  add more choices and rotate items over time.


While they hold their Quiet Toy, I read a couple of books. Before, when I read a bedtime book, Reece would run circles around the room, climb the furniture, and jump on and off his brother’s bed. It was absolutely a two person job. Having a physical spot for Reece to sit on and an object he wants to hold, helps him see and know his boundaries. I’ll talk more about this in my next post.

These small changes have made such a BIG IMPACT to the ending of our days.  I’m now looking forward to this time of day, instead of dreading it.


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