Gluten Free

It has been shown that there is a strong correlation with Autism and the gut. In many cases, a gluten free diet has lessened many behavioral issues associated with Autism.  As well as a dairy free diet. For more information:

Since limiting Reece’s gluten intake 7-9 days ago, Reece’s speech frequency during the day has doubled. After doing some research, I really don’t think this is a result from his diet. It’s too soon to tell and we would need to completely eliminate gluten.

Reece may just be having a major “on” moment.  When he’s in those periods he engages with us, sleeps 12 or more hours a night, has minimal meltdowns, and minor repetitive behaviors. He even sits for short books. But it’s always followed by a regression period. That’s when I truly believe he’s been diagnosed correctly. When he regresses; his meltdowns increase, repetitive behaviors keep him occupied from engaging with us, goes a full day without more than 5 words spoken, sleeps less, and is hyper active.



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