First Meeting

This morning we went to meet with Reece’s Service coordinator and a Representative with the public school system. This is the beginning of our transition period from the Infant Toddler Program into the school system. Today was the broad meeting to get information about the school system, what services they offer, and the process from now until Reece services end with CDSA and begin with the counties school system. We’ll have around 3 more meetings between the end of August through December, when Reece turns 3, to determine what services he qualifies for and to set up his IEP (Individualized Education Program) .

In the meantime, I’ve asked Reece’s Service Coordinator to find out if we can increase his Speech sessions to twice a week. And she’s also calling around to find a Developmental Therapy group that runs during the summer.

I spoke with Reece’s SLP today during his therapy session and requested copies of any written tests she’s filled out for Reece in the last year so I can send them to TEACCH ¬†along with his Evaluations, and hearing test. I should receive a call in the next 2 months for an initial evaluation to determine service eligibility.

This waiting period is difficult.


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